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By developing a collaborative partnership with fellow patients and physicians, we’re fostering a supportive relationship where informed women have proactive conversations with trusted healthcare providers on a regular basis. As a patient-founded organization, our unique insights layered with a unique mix of virtual and in-person outreach drives exponential change.

Awareness, education, and access to care are all needed to make a tremendous difference in a woman’s quality of life. Together we need to make talking about menstrual health and fertility a part of normal health care.

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Lets Talk About U

Shay Johnson's Story

Actress Shay Johnson was terrified every time she thought of the word "Fibroids." She separated herself from her family and friends while trying to deal with the symptoms herself. She finally was made aware of treatment options that helped her to live a normal life.

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Everyone’s personal journey with fibroids can serve as a source of motivation and hope for other women suffering from similar conditions.
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Q & A with Congresswoman Robin Kelly and Founder Dr. Yan Katsnelson

Why Fibroid Education & Treatment Must be a Congressional Priority Fibroid Fighters’ Ambassador, Erica L. Taylor interviewed Congresswoman Robin Kelly from Illinois 2nd congressional district and our Founder, Dr. Yan

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Your Guide to Caffeine and Period Cramps

We all know how addicting caffeine can be. The fresh, bitter smell of coffee brewing in the morning, the sparkling carbonation of soda hitting the tongue, and the sweet subtle

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Standing Side by Side in the Fight Against Fibroids

Break the Silence, Break the Behavior Interview with John Burns Dr. Yan Katsnelson, the Fibroid Fighters Foundation Founder, met John Burns at our Fibroid Awareness Event in Washington D.C. on

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Whether you want to be prepared for the start of your period, plan for travel or, simply monitor your cycle, our quick period calendar should be able to help.