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Emotional Causes of Fibroids

Do you ever wonder about the emotional side effects of fibroids? With spring ready to spread warmth and chirping birds, some may think seasonal depression is gone for the year.

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Your Guide to Fibroids After Pregnancy

You’ve just given birth, and you are concerned about how your fibroids may change postpartum. Fibroids, which are noncancerous tumors, often shrink after pregnancy. In one study, researchers found that,

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Eugenia Buie, Fibroid Fighter Foundation

Fighter Feature: Eugenia Buie

Introduce yourself and don’t forget your name! Hi, my name is Eugenia Buie, and I am a Fibroid Fighter, Survivor, and Ambassador! What are you doing for Valentine’s? How does

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Coach Ella Fibroid Ambassador in Real Health Magazine

A Hysterectomy Is Not Always the Best Option for Women With Fibroids: Real Health Magazine

Ron-Ella McLendon first experienced menstrual cycle difficulties while she was in high school. “I was going through three to four pads each hour, and I used to pass out a lot in school,” recalls the government contractor, life coach and author, age 43. “Doctors would tell me that my iron was low. In McLendon’s family circles, the health condition wasn’t discussed much. “I’d heard of fibroids, but I never knew in depth what they were,”…

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