Learn from the inspiring stories of others who have fought fibroids.

Celebrity and Fibroid Fighter Shay Johnson

Shay Johnson's Story

At one point when I would say the word fibroids, I was terrified of course, because I had memories of my symptoms and when I had to go through when I had fibroids, but I am here to share my story and it's not an easy story to listen to. And every minster, I would notice different symptoms from the…

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Leanna's Story

I had an ultrasound in June and I measured a 6-month pregnancy uterus and by the time I had one in December the fibroids had continued to grow until they were quite large. To me, having my uterus and cervix removed for anything other than cancer seemed very invasive. After doing a ton of research and reading about recovery horror…

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Dearra's Story

As far as diagnosed with fibroids this year, while I was taking care of my ovarian cyst, um, I got an MRI done and they found out that I had a fibroid as well. And then while I was going to operate it arm to take care of those two problems, I found that I had another fibroid as well,…

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